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5 Hot Hair Colors for summer 2019

When summer time comes, it is time to change hair color accordingly. The summer sun calls for a beach look preferably blonde balayage, while the autumn calls for something more chestnut with hues. To make it easier for you, ignore all the rules completely and pick something from the 5 hot hair colors for summer 2019 we have picked out for you. Whether you are confused about going lighter with blonde or changing into a rich brunette or entering new territories with red hair or even risking and learning about the grey hair, this will help you choose better.

Fire hair

It is trending like fire and people love it. This bold look with shade of fire truck red has taken the world by storm. Women everywhere love it and it looks totally lit. It looks great and makes you stand out among the crowd with the most unique color. Long red hair would make anyone turn and watch.

The Mallen streak hair

As the name suggests, it has taken inspiration from the mallen streaks with a section of hair with little to no pigment. This highlighting trend sees a bigger section of hair bleached and creates a stripe look which is usually placed to frame the face. It looks elegant and classy at the same time. It is highly suitable for beach or office look.

Texture paint hair

With free hand highlights making a comeback, it is time to embrace the natural textures. Instead of using the traditional foil method, lightening agents get painted through curls to enhance the shapes and shadows. It helps add dimension to the look and makes you look fabulous.

Amber slate hair

This is a simple but stylish color look which is a mixture of strawberry blonde and ice blonde tones which blend together to create the amber slate. It is a modern version of the honey blonde color. It can go with any skin tone or hairstyle and is suitable for any season or occasion.

Metallic peach

It is one of the shades of the rose gold hair trend and looks remarkable. It is a perfect summer look for beach or to go on a vacation. This peachy hair color looks lively and bright. It is something out of the ordinary and makes people fall in love with it at first sight.

These are the top hair color styles for summer that you should try to fit in and stay up-to-date with the trends. To get the best result and perfect look, find the best hair salon near you and check out their hair color ideas as well. There are a variety of options available besides these which are still unexplored. Top hair color service providers can suggest the styles that go with your personality. Also, make sure to get it done by professional and never experiment on your own as you might not get the desired color and mess up the hair.

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