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8 Things You Need To Know About Hair Relaxing Today

What is Hair Relaxing?

A Hair Relaxing also known as Hair Relaxer or Chemical Straighteners is a chemical treatment that aims to change your natural hair in a straight form permanently. These chemicals are lotion or cream that, by breaking down and reforming the hair shaft, alters curly hair into straight and manageable. Rather, this treatment does not completely straighten the hair, it decreases tight or unusual twists.

Which chemicals are used?

Typically, the chemicals used in hair relaxer are based on lye or no-lye. A lye-based relaxer contains the active ingredient sodium hydroxide, a strong alkaline. A no-lye relaxer contains calcium hydroxide or guanidine hydroxide. This lye-based chemical reduces the curl by breaking down the hair strand and chemically altering the natural hair texture.

How long does it last?

As chemicals are applied, this treatment will quickly straighten your hair. It’ll leave your hair straight for about 6 to 8 weeks. As your tresses grow, the new scalp will be more relaxing free so you will need touch-ups to change the new growth from curly and kinky to straight in order to maintain the straightened look. Too often, relaxing your tresses can result in over-processing, leading to thinning and breaking.

Where should I get it? or Is going to professional beneficial?

It is better to visit a professional salon near you for this treatment. StyleU Salon offers an experienced technician who monitors the entire process carefully and helps you to make the most of it. First, we check the hair condition to check your hair strength, after which you are advised to have a proper hair relaxer treatment that matches your hair type and can deliver maximum results. We also keep the client’s record to guide future steps that can demonstrate long-lasting results.

What are the benefits?

This carefully done treatment can unlock many hair advantages such as smooth, straight and better handling while the hair is styled. Have proper hair wash for a resilient outcome, it will also help you easily style and maintain healthy hair and scalp. It also helps you to reduce the use of other harmful procedures such as hot oil, pressing, pulling, flat ironing and hot pebbles.

Does it have any side-effect?

In some cases, if you leave for a longer period, the treatment will lead to scalp irritation. You can cause severe chemical burns, breakage, hair loss, and sometimes irreversible hair and scalp damage, being careful while using chemicals is very important.

Should I get a relaxer?

One with curly hair is the best hair relaxer contender because without any frizz it sticks straight. Many people also go after relaxing for other straight treatment to straighten their hair completely.

If your hair is damaged, thin, hair breakage problem and bleached, avoid relaxing treatment. It can make hair damage worse and it can also damage your skin.

Post Hair Relaxer care tips

Maintaining hair relaxer is not an easy task for a longer period of time. Your hair will be weaker and drier once it’s relaxed. Keeping your hair moisturized is very important. Regular conditioning and protein treatments are needed to reinforce the hair, restore the balance of moisture, maintain nutrition and prevent breakage. By drinking plenty of water on weekly deep conditioning, leave-in conditioner between washes will keep your hair strong, healthy and shiny.

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