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Everything about Threading and Waxing:

Threading and Waxing are two common techniques used for removing unwanted hairs. Threading is mostly used to remove hairs from face and arms, whereas waxing can be mostly used to remove hairs from different areas of the body. The results from these techniques are instant and does not affect the skin.

What is Threading?

Threading is the ancient technique, from Eastern areas like India, Iran. A 100% natural and chemical free process uses cotton thread and proper skills. It is a very fast technique compared to other techniques, and it only takes as little as two minutes from start to finish. It is commonly used to attribute the eyebrows and facial areas.

Threading can be performed within a matter of minute, but the expert who does must be properly trained and skilled. It has two tangled cotton threads, which wrap the hairs, and removes it cleanly without hurting the area of hair removal. We can also understand by a scissoring motion that pulls out the hair from the root.

StyleU Salon has well-trained professionals, they can help you get the best threading service. Threading consumes a minimal time but the technique needs maximum skill, trusting an expert can be a preferable choice to shape your eyebrows in an attractive manner.

Pros for Threading:

• No chemicals are used on the skin.
• Frequent threading can the damage and stop hairs growth, thus it can show permanent hair removable benefit.
• Time-consuming technique.

Cons for threading:

• Hard to find a proper professional.
• If not done properly, the hairs grow again faster.

What Is Waxing?

Waxing is one of the most famous techniques for hair removal that works as a semi-permanent hair removal technique. Waxing can be done in areas like legs, arms, back, abdomen, bikini area and feet. Waxing comes with beauty and pain. There are different types of waxing for removing unwanted hair:

• Honey wax or sugaring
• Hard Wax
• Strip Wax

In strip waxing, a thin layer of wax is spread over the skin. A paper strip or cloth is then applied and pressed on the wax layer, the final step is ripping off in the opposite direction of hair growth using quick movement. It is as painful as it sounds, but the new hair grows back in four-eight weeks. Other two techniques contain hot waxing. The hot wax is applied in thick layer on the skin and allowed to cool down until it cools down and hardens up, and now the wax is removed along with the hairs.

The advice from StyleU Salon professionals may be appointing a proper therapist who can make this process a little less painful. Waxing sounds simple and painful but without proper steps, you can damage your skin and may result in extra pain.

Pros for Waxing:

• Effectively removes large amounts of hair at a single time.
• The skin feels silky smooth for upcoming weeks, and frequent waxing can make the hairs look finer in appearance.

Cons for Waxing:

• The major con is pain during the waxing, because of the hairs are pulled out of roots.
• Red bumps, ingrown hairs and sometimes minor bleeding can be visible when not done with a proper therapist.

Difference between Threading and Waxing:

When comparing with threading, waxing is a little dull process. Threading is a faster technique compared to waxing. Waxing is more preferable for non-sensitive skin, whereas threading is ideal for sensitive skins. The detailing is curved out more in threading whereas; larger areas can be covered in a single strip of wax. Threading is less painful than waxing and it gives more precise results compared to waxing.

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