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Prominent Facial Services

The facial is a skin treatment to cleanse pores, exfoliates away dead skin cells, and treats common skin concerns, to enhance your skin and increase your charm. It is essential to keep skin healthy and well-being, professional facial services once a month will provide you glowing and younger skin.

Beautiful skin does not come with just Makeup; it comes through a good facial. StyleU Salon is one of the best beauty salons having a team of expert beauticians, to help your face attain many benefits like rehydrating your skin; slowdowns premature aging, unclog pores, and maintain your natural and glowing skin.

StyleU Salon provides many balanced beauty treatments like:

Deep Hydrating facial:

Deep Hydrating Facial treatment is for sun-damaged, dehydrated, and dry skin. This treatment can restore the skin’s moisture balance, nourish, plumps and firms the skin. You will feel the moisture serum go deep into your skin nourishing those parched spots and giving you healthy and glowing skin.

Anti-Aging Facial:

We have a variety of beneficial products and techniques designed to slow the aging process, brighten skin, and reduce wrinkles. It will give you desirable skin, and reduce dark circles.

Acne Facial:

Acne Facial from beauty salon near you will clean deep-pore and deep-tissue to rid the skin of excess oils and stimulate circulation. We have a variety of healing mask and moisturizer recommended for clients with oily or acne skin or for those with uneven complexions.

Men’s Facial:

StyleU Salon’s Men’s Facial treatment is designed especially for the men to comfort razor irritation, provide deep pore cleansing and toning to restore energy. This treatment maintains hydration while protecting and restoring skin.

Teen Facial:

Teen Facial treatment is recommended for boys and girls going through changes that affect skin appearance. These treatments will deep clean pores and calm rawness and breakouts while reducing the appearance of acne scars.

Visit the best salon near you that can deeply cleanse skin and help to fight certain skin problems, such as mild acne or dryness. For more glowing, nourishing, skin treatments and facial advice take your appointment fast and get beneficial complimentary treatments.

Mini Facial$45
Fruit Facial$60
Whitening & Lightening $60
Sea Weed (4 Layer)$80
Anti-Aging & Anti-Acne$60
Organic Facial$85