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How to Get the Perfect Hair Color

How to Get the Perfect Hair Color

While you might see A celeb with gorgeous blond Perfect Hair Color and want to get your own hair colored in a similar manner, the process of getting the perfect hair color isn’t that simple. Trying out a random color just because your favorite actress is sporting it, or your friend looks good with it, can turn out to be a disaster.

Here are some sought after hair colors – find out which is suitable:

Platinum Blonde Perfect Hair Color

If your skin has pink undertones, don’t opt for gold or yellow colors as it can highlight the pinkish aspect, but not in a good way. A platinum shade of blonde is ideal in this case.


Honey Blonde

Warmer skin tones create a lovely contrast with shades of honey blonde. Darken the roots slightly to incorporate better depth. Exercise caution while dyeing, as those with warm skin tones tend to have naturally darker hair.


Cinnamon Red

If you aren’t afraid to be bold, this shade of red is right up your alley. It suits paler skin tones, as it adds beautiful warmth to it. Cinnamon red not your cup of tea? Mix a hint of brown and opt for reddish brown tints.


Auburn Red

Do you have medium brown skin tone? Sporting a reddish hairdo is quite gutsy as it can either be a hit or miss, but auburn works well for this skin tone. The deep shade of red flatters your face and looks amazing.


Chestnut Brown

With warm, golden undertones in your skin, darker shades of brown and black are the safe choice. Chestnut or mahogany shades also make your complexion seem brighter and more radiant.


Chocolate Brown

Combination skin tones can be tricky, as the wrong hair color can completely spoilt your overall appearance. But since it has both yellow and pink undertones, you can experiment with quite a few hair colors in this range.


Cool Black & Warm Black

Cool black is a universal shade that works for most complexion types – it is a fascinating color that makes a firm statement. People often switch from black to brown, or add caramel or chocolate highlights for a softening effect. Warm black on the other hand is for those with warmer skin tones. Cool black isn’t a good choice as it over-emphasizes the warmth.

These tips will help you achieve the perfect color! Trying ambitious shades like ultraviolet or pink isn’t advised unless you consult a hair stylist before doing so.

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