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Gradient Nails – This Summer’s Hottest Look for Nails

First things first, let’s make one thing pretty clear that Ombre and Gradient nails are two separate styles. Many people have the two confused but there is a clear difference between the two. Ombre nails are a transition between the same family of colors on all your nails such as the complete set of blue from light blue on the thumb to dark navy on the pinky with only one color on each nail. The Gradient nails, on the other hand, consists of transition between two or more color on a single nail such as yellow on the base to red on the tip with orange between the transition color in between.

Gradient nails are the hottest look for nails this summer and the trend is just amazing people are trying to be different with it and experimenting on their own. There are numerous designs and styles that are available and tried by people that look just fabulous. Here are some of the best Gradient nail ideas for this summer.

Classic Gradient

Two colors of the same family or contrast are combined to get this amazing look. It is really easy to create this look and you can do it yourself as well. This can be done in different colors on each finger.

The Glittering pink nails

This is one of the most popular Gradient nails designs which women look to get done. Fading pink with glitter on top and the use of different color glitter just makes it look awesome.


It is an amazing design that has turned into a trend. Getting the honeycomb design requires professional knowledge and expertise to apply perfectly. It cannot be done alone at home. The honeycomb design can be applied in different colors that don’t need to be of the same family. You can mix things up and get best-looking nails.

Combination of styles

In this, two different nails paint styles are used to create a unique design. Regular design and a unique one using different colors that set them apart from each other. It can be simple nail paint under gloss nail paint with design or something similar.

The Polka Dots

As the polka dots have taken over the clothing industry with its resurgence, they are making a mark in nail paint designs as well. The polka dots are one of the easiest to get and good looking gradient nail ideas available without a doubt. Getting it done by a nail care service provider can enhance the look. They can combine two, three and even four nail colors to create something amazing for you.

These are some of the hottest gradient nail ideas for the summer which should not be missed out on. Get your desired Gradient nail look from nail salon near you as there is always going to be a difference between getting it done on your own and professionally with the right tools.

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