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Extension Consultation

Book a 20 minute consultation with our stylists to decide whether hair extensions are a good option for you and determine which type will be healthiest for your hair. You will have the option of purchasing your extensions through our quality provider, or bringing your own extensions in for $0.


Clip on Hair Extension

The clip on hair extensions are easy to fit and can perfectly match with natural hair. It allows you to get longer hair, lowlights, highlights, and even add volume to the hair. The extension comes in one or multiple pieces of different sizes. They are clipped under your hair using small snap on clips.

Halo Hair Extension

The halo shape hair extensions are easy to apply and it takes under a minute to fit it and less than a second to remove it. It does not require glue which is great and it doesn’t cause any damage to our natural hair. It helps transform your hair completely in no time.

Closures and Bundles

Hair bundles with closures is perfect for people who love fully covered hair. Bundles with closure are premium quality hair which is cut from young healthy donors. Hair closure has can benefit your natural hair in many ways and protect it as well.

Standard Clip-on Set Includes:
Clip-on Set of 9 Pieces (18 Clips)
1 piece of 8 inch wide with 4 clips
1 piece of 7 inch wide with 3 clips
1 piece of 6 inch wide with 3 clips
2 pieces of 4 inch wide with 2 clips
4 pieces of 1 inch wide with 1 clip

Hair Extensions in less than 2 Hours

Many women dream of longer, thicker, fuller, more beautiful hair flowing down past their shoulders. Today, more women are realizing that this dream can be a reality within a few hours and without the high price tag Hair Extensions, the most technologically advanced system on the market, utiilizes 100% human Indian remy hair for the most natural looking extensions. This hair extension system offers advanced technology for speedy installations, a variety of lengths, colors, blends and installation methods, for beautiful natural results every time.


Quality You Can Trust

Styleu Salon has been performing hair extensions to very satisfied clients. Get added assurance by knowing that all of our experienced Hair Extensionists must undergo thorough training to receive certification in all of the hair extension system we offer. As a consumer, this ensures you are receiving your hair extension service from someone who truly knows how to do the job right. We have over a 160 colors and lengths of hair extensions in stock at the time of your consultation and CAN accomodate same day installations

How do I know if I am a good candidate for hair extensions?

• If you desire longer, fuller, thicker hair and your current hair condition is not damaged, overly dry, too fine or over processed, you are a good candidate.
• If you have had any type of head injury or surgery and you have scarring on your scalp as a result, we may be able to help you hide the scar with this extension system.
• If your hair looks thinner, you may want to use hair extensions to restore fullness, volume, length and body.
• If you recently cut your hair short and now want longer hair, and you just don’t have the patience to grow it our naturally, you are an excellent candidate for hair extensions.

How do I get started?

Schedule now by clicking on “ Book Now ” button.

During this session, we will determine whether hair extensions are right for you. If you are a good candidate, the consultation fee is credited towards your first hair extension service. During this consultation, we will guide you through your length, color, volume, and pricing options. In addition, we will guide you through which extension method is best for you! You can even request a trial test strand. Once you’ve chosen your options, a deposit is taken (if not a same day application) to reserve your actual hair extension appointment. .

How long will my hair extensions last?

Depending on which extension system you choose, how fast your hair grows, and how well you care for your hair extensions, they can last up to 3 months before needing a removal and re-application.

How do I care for my hair extension?

Remember, the hair extensions are 100% natural human hair and do require diligent care and maintenance. No silicones or conditioners can be applied to the bonds of Hot and Cold Fusion Systems and Sticker (Tape-in) Systems. You can brush your extensions with a special boar bristle brush that we offer for sale in-salon. Your Certified Extensionist will use and recommend shampoos, conditioners and styling products consistent with your extensions and style.

Can I perm, color and highlight my extensions?

Yes! Our hair extension are 100% human Indian remy hair and can be treated the same as your own hair (although it may not be necessary). Euro So.Cap. Hair Extensions come in a complete assortments of natural shades, blends and lengths. With over 160 shades, lengths and assortments in stock, we can create any look you desire.

How do I remove the hair extensions?

With Hot and Cold Fusion Methods, extension pincers are used to break the keratin bond to remove them. Sticker Hair Extensions are simply peeled off. Sticker Hair Extensions can be re-tabbed and re-applied to your hair while the hot and cold fusion methods can not. Clip-ins can simply be removed by yourself or the Hair Extensionist.