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Minimum Makeup with Maximum Impact

The saying “Less is More” goes with makeup as well. You don’t need to apply heap of makeup to look great. Sometimes the simplest of things can make you look beautiful. Here are some of the basic and simplest makeup ideas which provide maximum impact to make the heads turn.

The minimal pink

Minimal pink makeup can make you look aesthetic. Wearing a light rose pink light glow blush on the eyelids and the same shade products on the cheeks is what makes it possible. Make sure to give it a soft and diffused feel which needs to veer away from the black liner, and bright bubble-gum pink shade. Going for feathery brows and flushed cheeks would also be suitable. The light pink blush suits a variety of skin tones and has a silky texture to it.

Wine-stained lips

This is a look which is used for photoshoots as there is minimal makeup with maximum effect. It is bold lip makeup look with light makeup. A wine-berry stick which is easily available in the market at a cheap price can be used to get this look. It is a budget-friendly look that stands-out among the crowd.

Glossy Golden Eyes

Using a glitter and glow liquid eye shadow in gold color is another unique style that requires minimal effort. This shadow look can be applied lightly and blended out with a layer of heavy glitter finish to get a subtle look. It provides a versatile and gorgeous look when finished applying properly. There are various shades available for people to try on with the same intent.

Smokey Eye

Yes! Even Smokey eye can be minimal with the use of right technique. Generally, people cover the whole eyelid with color, whereas a trace with the right shape of deep green or any other deep color eyeliner can make you look amazing. It needs to be combined with nude lips and feathery brows to get the perfect look. For summer, using an oceanic teal shade would look great with finely milled shimmer. By applying it all over the upper lid, you can get a monochrome look.

Rose-brown monochrome

Wear a soft shimmery shadow and a rosy-brown lip color to get this look. Use the right shade lipstick with glowing skin and soft lashes to get a sun-kissed radiant look which is perfect for outings. The rose shade applied here needs to be darker. It is another simple yet effective way to look amazing on any given day.

These are some of the looks that require minimum makeup with maximum impact. Getting them put on by a professional makeup artist at a beauty salon near you would make it even better. The makeup artist can provide makeup service as well as makeup tips that are easy to get done. It is also better to use less makeup as won’t damage the skin more.

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