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Refreshing Keratin Hair Treatments

Keratin is the major protein in our hair, skin, and nails that are naturally present. It is more likely to be an external protective protein that protects and enhances our hair. Keratin tends to be your hair’s auxiliary building block so it can be very helpful for frizzy, dry, and damaged hair to strengthen them into healthier, straight, and shinier hair.

Keratin treatment is one of the new and refreshing treatments that has shown astonishing growth in the hairstyle and beauty industry because of its ability to rebuild the hair by restoring lost protein to your strands and to delivering promising results to the customer.

If you notice frizz, tangles, and breakage of your hair it is due to loss of keratin. In keratin treatment, keratin is artificially filled in the porous spot adding a layer of protein in your hair making it smoother, shinier and frizz-free. This treatment is best for damaged or chemically treated hair.

It is due to keratin loss that your hair becomes aware of frizz, tangles and hair breakage. Keratin has filled artificially with the pore spot in keratin treatment by inserting a protein layer into your hair that makes it smoother, smoother and free of friction. This treatment is best suited to hair damaged or chemically processed.

How does A Keratin Treatment Work?

Keratin therapy is mainly the process of stratification or rebounding. To achieve maximum treatment advantages, StyleU Salon involves the following procedures.

1. The first step is to wash hair to clean the dirt. It is done to dry your hair completely after washing blow dry on medium heat.
2. Applying keratin hair straightening serum is the second most important step Your hair is divided into four to eight sections that make up a part of your hair in the middle. Then keratin dollops and conditioners are applied together throughout the hair into divided small sections. Our experts ensured that the serum covers every hair strand to the greatest advantages.
3. The hair is then ironed out with a high-temperature flat iron to activate the hair-infusing keratin treatment, seal the cuticula and repair damage. Make it straighter, smoother and more manageable.
4. Finally, to rinse out the treatment, the hair is washed. After dry and re-straightening hair has been washed, the treatment is completely settled.

Basically, it can also be named as super strong deep conditioner treatment. It results in smooth, silky hair that fades gradually from 3 to 6 months depending on how often you shampoo. Keratin is an important structural protein, thus it also helps with hair thickness.

Keratin treatments are not advised for fine, straight or thin hair, it is best for thick, curly, frizzy and rough hair.

Benefits of this Refreshing Treatment:

• Reduces fizzy hair, reduces hair breakage and eliminates split ends.
• Smooth the overlapping cells to form your hair strands and repair damage hair cuticula.
• It makes hair color appear more natural, resulting in hair that looks bright and glossy.
• Makes curly hair less frizzy, straightforward and easier to style.
• The protein restored can dramatically reduce the time it takes for the hair to dry.
• A great treatment for long-lasting hair.

StyleU Salon, one of the leading hair treatment salon, has the team of professionals with Keratin Treatments & Straightening Treatments to deliver customers a wonderful looking hair that has proven to be above all expectations. So give away your frizzy days of hair and welcome your curly, wavy hair.

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