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Tips for Smokey Eye Makeup

The Smokey eye makeup is really difficult to master as the deep shadows can be hard to handle under-eye region. It can make a person look tired if not applied correctly. But when such eye makeup is applied by a professional at a beauty salon along the lower lashes, it makes you look edgier and provides unique look. Here are some tips that can help you get flawless and best Smokey eye makeup.

Use a primer

Using a primer can be really helpful in providing a smudge-free look. The eyelid primer is an important step while applying the Smokey eye makeup as priming the eyelids can help ensure that the dark shadow and eyeliner stay put. It makes sure that it doesn’t smear outside the lids and rims.

The brown effect

It is suggested by professional to get the most attractive Smokey eyes as it adds warmth to it. Even if you are getting a black Smokey eye, try and mix the dark brown shade as it would add dimension to the look. Use a small shadow brush, dip it into the brown eye shadow and put it over a pencil as the two will blend together to create a rich and elegant look.


Don’t hesitate to experiment with colors. It doesn’t always have to be black and you can opt for other rich, dark colors such as charcoal grey, navy blue, etc. It would help figure would the ones that go with your look.

Right Technique

It is suggested by professional makeup service providers to stay close to the lashes. A person has to be really careful about how low he takes the makeup. It is suggested that the color shouldn’t go beyond the lower lashes as it would start looking ghoulish which is not the look you want. You need the color to be rich and dense under the lash line which diffuses slowly as you go further down.

Blur it

While it needs to be applied with care, it is not meant to have a clean finish. The Smokey eye makeup needs to be smudged carefully to look perfect. Use a crease brush or a mini-dome brush to blend out the eye show to get the perfect looking Smokey eye makeup. Get the color under your eye smudged carefully as well.


Make sure to keep the eye show under the iris and the outer corners. Keep it away from the tear trough as the tear trough area is for the concealer.

Clean it up

Apply the makeup and clean up using Q-tips or eye makeup remover to keep it looking polished. Make sure to keep the color close to the lashes and brighten the area using highlighter in the inner corners.

Using these tips will help you get perfect Smokey eye makeup. If you don’t like to do it on your own, visit a beauty salon near you as they have great Smokey eye makeup ideas which can make you look stunning.

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