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Ultimate guide to manage natural curly hair

Some people consider natural curly hair as a blessing while some consider it a curse. People often carry the ringlets with pride but there are days when the frizz makes it uncomfortable to handle. It can get really frustrating to a point that you might want to shave it off. Well, no need to take such extreme steps. Here are some tips to manage the natural curly hair.

Right cut

The first and most important thing to do is to choose the right hair salon which provides top-class hair care service. The right haircut makes a huge difference as longer hair would weigh down the curls. It is best to get hair styles that are medium-length or a bit long. Getting layers done would help you provide shape to the hair which would look great. It is suggested that you have healthy locks and get them trimmed every 6 to 8 weeks to keep the natural curls looking marvelous.

Using the right things

To maintain the natural curls and feel like a princess, you need to get all the right things from hair care products to the pillowcase you sleep on. Choosing the right pillowcase can help eliminate the frizz overnight. The satin pillowcase is what can make it happen. When you have beautiful natural curly, the right thing to do is to throw out the brush. Brushing the hair damages and breaks the curly hair. It is suggested that you use a tooth comb which provides better results and get the hair combed while they are still wet. Using the right shampoo is another factor that affects the curly hair. To maintain great looking natural curls, you should get it washed every other day. Using the conditioner every day and shampooing every other day would provide great results. Choose the best conditioner available in the market or take suggestions from your hair care service provider.

Taking care

Taking good care would enhance the beauty of the natural curls even further. Never rub dry your hair, no matter how tempted you feel to do it. Instead, pat it dry gently as it would help get rid of frizz and knots. Even though natural curly hair look dashing, it still requires some styling product to get the perfect look. Choose products that are made especially for curly hair such as the curl cream. Ask your hair care specialist for suggestions regarding the same. Check what products the hair salon uses to get a better idea. Never blow dry or straighten your natural curls as it would only damage them. Letting it dry naturally is what would provide the best look and keep the frizz away. Wear a headband once its dried. It would be of great help on bad hair days and can be considered a quick fix in such situations.

To sum it up, you should embrace the craze and not worry about the bad hair days as these tips would help you deal with them.

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