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What So Trendy About Brazilian Waxing?

A Brazilian wax is the hair removal technique used to remove hair from the pelvic area and back. It removes hair from the inner labia, vulva, labia, perineum and the hair from your swimsuit areas, such as the top, sides, and front, and the areas in the back that are difficult to reach.

Simply speaking, it will leave your Public Area Bald!
Usually, a thin strip of hair on the mons pubis is left shaping it a triangle or according to your preference. Because of its longer lasting benefit then razor, it is preferred as a better option than shaving.

Most Trendy and Controversial Waxing

Brazilian waxing is one of the most trendy and controversial waxing treatments, mainly because of two reasons: one is the physically painful experience during and after waxing, which is worse than any other. The other thing that made it so popular is the HBO TV series; Sex and The City which has surpassed the old-fashioned bikini wax, although both are done together by many peoples.

What’s In This Pain Executing Treatment?

The most famous Brazilian has nothing so special about the treatment. With just a little more pain, the same old waxing treatment.

It is done using a hot or cold special wax, usually melted hot wax. The cloth strip is quickly pulled off when the wax hardens properly, removing the hair from its roots pulling away from the wax.

If not done properly, this leads to an associated health risk as well as a risk of infection. People with weakened immune systems have to be more careful because of the pain they leave behind.

With our experienced aestheticians, StyleU Salon performs this treatment privately in itself for providing acute hygienic atmosphere and supporting the pain.

Some tips Before, After and While Waxing:


1. Research, Decide and Prepare:

It’s best to look for the best treatment and get ready for treatment. Here are a few treatments:
• Simple Bikini: it only removes pubic hair from the sides
• Brazilian Waxing: removes all hair from front to back
• Brazilian Full-Bush Waxing: removes all hair from the vulva and back but keeps a triangle in the front.

Do not shave for at least two to three weeks, allowing the wax to grip around the hair to grow at least 1⁄4 inch long.


2. Lay Back and Relax:

You’re going to lay on your back and spread your legs apart, well. At StyleU Salon we provide you gloves to wear. The pain that is sometimes associated with waxing is mostly caused by a person’s anxiety and tension on the waxing bed. So, relax, the painful experience will decrease.

3. It will hurt:

Here it comes, warm wax will be applied, a strip of cloth will be kept over the fresh wax after which quickly with hand, it will be ripped off. It will bleed slightly for first timers so do not get anxious. It is because the hair’s root is thick and has never been pulled out, the root will become weaker and more easily pulled out after subsequent waxing.


4. Protect It:

Your skin will be most susceptible to irritation or infection after waxing. To control redness and inflammation, use hydrocortisone cream. Have warm baths that will calm the pain, avoiding saltwater, chlorine and cold water baths. Use oils and lotions such as jojoba oil to exfoliate your skin.

5. Let your skin heal:

Give your skin a break after waxing, avoid sex, rays of UV. After this pain, your skin deserves a breather, so wait a while to hit the beach.

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